How Common are Car Accidents in Texas?

As of 2020, Texas is one of the most dangerous states to drive in. This expansive state, with a population of more than 29 million residents, had 3,520 fatal crashes per year as of 2020.

A Wide Array of Driving Conditions

Texas has more than a few roads that see little traffic. However, in cities, commute times are creeping up year by year. A lack of public transportation is also a concern; from 2015 to 2020, 95% of Texas workers got to work by automobile.

Large Cities, Crowded Rush Hours

Rush hours are also a serious problem for Texas residents. In the city of Dallas, which is growing rapidly and does not appear to have the infrastructure to support the population, the fatality rate is 14 people per 100,000 residents each year. Houston is also noted for having an epic rush hour and general congestion problem.

Changing Weather Patterns

If you’re driving in summer in Texas, you must make sure your vehicle is well-maintained and protected from overheating. As a general rule, winters are not as hard on vehicles; the lowest temperature you’re likely to deal with along the Texas coast in winter is still above freezing.

However, recent weather events in the Lone Star State are adding to risks for driver. Texas drivers in Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio may be prepared for a wicked rush hour, but not snow and ice. Worse, many cities in Texas simply don’t have the tools to readily treat roads for freezing rain or snow.

Driver Error

While weather and traffic contribute to rising car accident rates, driver error continues to be the leading cause. Distracted driving, drowsy driving, reckless driving such as speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are the most common causes of driver error.

Rising Fatality Rates Are a Concern

Since 2020, fatalities on Texas roadways have been on the rise, both in automobile crashes and in motorcycle wrecks. Of the 522 people killed in motorcycle accidents in 2021, nearly half were not wearing helmets.

Despite data around city driving and rush hour pressures, half of the fatalities on Texas roads occurred in rural areas during this same year. Single car wrecks where a driver ran off the road account for more than 1/3 of the fatal wrecks in 2021.

There are many reasons for the rising rate of fatalities on Texas roads. The heavy reliance on cars is certainly a factor. Crowded cities with overcrowded rush hours can also contribute to risks for urban drivers. While texting and driving is against the law in Texas, there’s a chance that distracted drivers are at greater risk in the Lone Star State.

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