Booster Seats for Quadruplets

Alejandra and Jose Gonzalez have their hands full – literally! They are parents to four adorable (and very active) 2 year-old boys: Isaiah, Sammuel, Lucas, and Cruz. Yes, that’s right – they are parents of quadruplets. As you can imagine, Alejandra and Jose are busy . . . and tired. But there’s one thing they always do – no matter how busy or how tired they are – they always buckle all four boys in their car seats in the car before traveling anywhere. When the quads were infants, the Gonzalez family attended an IPC fitting station to have their infant seats checked. The boys had outgrown the infant seats, so the IPC replaced those seats with convertible seats. Recently, the Gonzalez family noticed the boys would soon outgrow the convertible seats, so they made another fitting station appointment.  IPC staff replaced those seats with combination seats. When the boys reach the upper weight limits for the harness straps on the combination seats, the harness straps can be removed and the seats can be used as belt-positioning booster seats.


When asked why they always take the time to buckle up, Alejandra and Jose said simply, “Because it’s the safe thing to do. We would never put our kids in danger.” Both parents said they have always used their seat belts; it’s like second nature to them. That’s a good thing, since Jose‘s seat belt possibly saved his life a few years ago when he was in a crash that caused his truck to vault end over end. Because Jose was wearing his seat belt, he was not thrown out of his truck and survived the crash.


The Gonzalez family wants their boys to grow up and live to their full potential. So, they do everything they can to make sure the boys are safe, including taking the time to properly buckle each boy in his car seat on every ride. 

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