Dallas County Intimate Partner Fatality Review Team


The Dallas County Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Fatality Review Team was established in 2010 by Dallas Commissioner Maureen Dickey and the Dallas County Commissioners Court. The purpose of the review team is to systematically review adjudicated cases of IPV deaths occurring in Dallas County and collect data, to reduce deaths and improve service delivery. The IPV Fatality Review Team began meeting in 2011 and will use the data to: 1) identify the causes and incidence of IPV fatalities; 2) identify opportunities for prevention and intervention; 3) identify gaps and promote cooperation, communication and coordination among agencies responding to IPV; and 4) provide recommendations for training, coordination of services, and/or changes in policies. 
The IPV Fatality Review Team is a multi-disciplinary group of stakeholders representing agencies responsible for adult IPV investigations, death certification and any resulting legal action.  Auxiliary members are invited according to community resources and need to ensure a comprehensive case review.  All members share their agency’s information about the intimate partner death. 
The Dallas County IPV Fatality Review Team will publish its first summary report in 2013.
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