Pedestrian Safety


Since 2011, students at Sam Tasby Middle School have learned that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” through a PHOTOVOICE project conducted by the IPC.

In collaboration with Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation and the Eagle Scholars program, the PHOTOVOICE project teaches 6th and 7th grade students participating in the Eagle Scholars Program how to tell a story through photographs and use those photographs to facilitate pedestrian safety improvements in their community. 

Working with Dallas area photographers, the students learn basic photography skills and take photographs during field trips around the Vickery Meadow area that depict potentially dangerous/hazardous conditions for pedestrians. The students’ photographs have portrayed broken sidewalks or no sidewalks at all, littered streets, and damaged pedestrian signals, among other concerns. 

The project also includes a session on how to work with city officials to spark policy and social changes by engaging, informing, and organizing community members to take action. The 5-6 week course culminates with a reception and photographic display for city officials, parents and community stakeholders. 

Making environmental and policy changes have been proven effective in helping people change their behavior to be safer and healthier. The Vickery Meadow PHOTOVOICE project has led to several improvements in the area. To view a presentation about the 2012 PHOTOVOICE project, click here


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