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The IPC has staff with the knowledge and capacity to identify, develop, implement and evaluate evidence-based programs because they have received formal injury prevention training and meet the core competencies for injury and violence prevention professionals. Though passion and interest are important, they are insufficient criteria for staffing injury prevention programs. In the U.S., at least half of the public health workforce, particularly at the local level, has no formal education in public health. Even those with public health or medical degrees have had little exposure to injury control.

The IPC has invested the necessary resources to ensure a properly prepared workforce that meets the same high standards expected of other health and medical professions. Additionally, the IPC has several staff members who provide leadership on injury and violence prevention on a statewide as well as national level.

Each year, the IPC staff photo is taken at an iconic Dallas location. In 2014, the staff photo was taken by The Traveling Man located at the corner of Gaston and Good Latimer. Located near the DART Deep Ellum Rail Station - just east of downtown Dallas, Texas - The Traveling Man is a $1.4 million sculptural series designed by Brad Oldham, Brandon Oldenburg, and Reel FX Creative Studios. The artistic concept plants one foot in the rich history of Deep Ellum and the other foot in the neighborhood’s bright future. Born of the railroads in the late 1800s, Deep Ellum took root as a diverse, multi-cultural community with a thriving blues and jazz music scene amongst meat markets, restaurants, bars, theaters, and off-the-beaten-path businesses. In a more recent incarnation, Deep Ellum consisted of trendy shops, lofts, restaurants, nightclubs, live music venues, art galleries, and tattoo parlors. Today, having suffered the loss of numerous businesses, the neighborhood seeks a revival. When DART needed to replace the railway underpass entrance to Deep Ellum, which was covered in colorful murals, to make way for the at-grade passenger rail station, DART made a commitment to the neighborhood to develop a new artistic “gateway.” In September 2009, the light rail station opened concurrently with the introduction of The Traveling Man on three distinct sites along Good Latimer Avenue. The Traveling Man ushered in a new icon for the neighborhood, symbolizing Deep Ellum’s history and future. 


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